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Tell: (949) 679 4211


We will follow your schedule as closely as possible concerning bottles, food, etc. while we provide a warm, loving atmosphere for your child. This is the age of discovery. Each day brings new development and landmarks in your child’s growth. Some are beginning to name objects while others are talking in two– and three– syllable word sentences. Perpetual Motions seems the best to describe this age. Climbing, jumping, exploring, music, and books are of growing interest. We have provided a safe, enjoyable learning environment for your toddler.


Our three-year old program includes the following activities:

1. Social Development including the meaning of manners, taking turns, and sharing.

2. Numbers recitation and recognition.

3. Alphabet recitation and recognition.

4. Recognition and identification of basic colors.

5. Listening skills developed through story telling.

6. Shape Recognition such as circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles.

7. Music Program that includes singing, records, marching, finger, and hand songs.

8. Physical Development: Large Muscles: Running, hopping; Small Muscles: Coloring, clay, and pegboard.

9. Creative Thinking including use of imagination.

10. Safety Awareness such as identification of hazards associated with traffic and strangers.


1. Colors

2. Shapes and sizes

3. Numbers and counting objects

4. Alphabet

5. Manners and work habits

6. Arts and crafts

7. Continued social development

8. Following directions

9. Motor skill development

10. Coordination and dexterity skills

11. Begin to learn printing

12. Music and games