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Tell: (949) 679 4211

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At Sima’s Child Care we offer the safest, healthiest and nurturing environment for your child to explore, develop and grow through learning and play. Our childcare is your child’s home while away from his or her own home. Our staff will help your child to progress academically, while developing self confidence and self-esteem. We provide plenty of outdoor time with opportunity for physical activity, as well as a daily art project to develop creativity. Sima’s Child Care also provides healthy hot lunch, dinner and snacks to keep your child energetic and focused the whole day. Please contact us to arrange a tour of the school for you and your little treasure(s).

Caring for children for almost 20 years. Our philosophy is simple; Your family is our family too! We offer a warm, welcoming environment for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers to play, learn and grow.

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Infant, Toddlers, Pre-school, and after school program

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Flexible scheduling Part time and full time Ages 2 months to 5 years old pre-school program

Sima is amazing! She has brought my four year old daughter so far along since she has started attending preschool here. She's a very patient teacher and an all around loving individual. My daughter is now potty trained and writes her own name, thanks to Sima. The facilities at Sima's are great as well. My child talks about the school & kids all the time. Our daughter loves it here & that's important to us. We want her to feel safe and secure; while learning the basics before entering school. We recommend Sima's Child Care to anyone that asks where we take our child!

I brought my 2 years old nephew to Sima's child care and so far I have great experience with them. The manager of this child care, Sima is very experienced and respectful woman. She has taken care of my nephew very well. She has exposed my nephew Ryan to many different enjoyable and developmental activities and Ryan feels safe when he is at Sima’s. Ryan really loves her. He loves the food so much that he even asks for Sima’s food during the weekend which is he not at childcare. Not only she's well known of taking care of children, but also she has made great connection between parents. She always updates and informs us about  Ryan's development process. I got referred to Sima’s child care through one of my friends.  It has been a great relief for Ryan's parents, knowing he is having a great time developing while his parents are at work. Thank you Sima.

Frances L

Navid N

My child had been under Sima's care for over 1.5 years. In addition to being a day care facility in our neighbourhood, we found this center to be tidy and organized that also took care of meals during the day. Younger kids get opportunity to learn alongside the pre schoolers. The center has a reasonable number of kids, not overcrowded.

Sima cared for my children for 4 years; my daughter now 6 years old and my son now 3 years old. The facility is clean and organized. Sima is a very loving and caring person. I have 3 children and work full time so I need someone who I can rely on and know my children are safe and well cared for. Because my children attended Sima's day care together, they were able to interact with each other. Sima nurtured their sibling relationship and as a result, they have developed a special bond. My son cried the first day my daughter went to Kindergarten at her new school. Sima gave him hugs and helped him through his challenges. Sima takes great pride and diligence to prepare children for Kindergarten. I was so impressed with her patience and care to make sure my daughter was ready for Kindergarten. I know Sima's child care is a great environment when my children are happy to see her and the other children who they also developed very close friendships with. I was lucky to have found Sima's child care.

Saju B.

Sandra L.

As a first time mother, it was difficult in having to decide which day care provider I could trust to take care of my child while I was away at work. I had visited one other day care nearby (which was messy! and thought all day cares were going to be like that) and then came across Sima's listing.

I visited Sima's Child Care (which was very tidy, clean, and organized!) and after speaking with a few of the other parents that currently placed their kids with Sima, I knew that was where I wanted my two month old son at the time to go.   

It's been 7 months now and it's been wonderful.  Sima gives one on one attention to my son and provides me updates on when he last ate and what he did for the day.  She also changes him into a clean outfit before I pick him up.  I know Sima watches over him because she would tell me about what my son does and all of what she describes is exactly what my son his in terms of his personality, what he likes to eat or not eat, and what he likes to do throughout the day.  

Sima also teaches a pre-school class.  While the class is doing activities, my son also joins in some activities such as story time. Sima says when the kids laugh and play, my son will usually laugh along with them.  It gives me a sense of comfort knowing that my son gets to interact with other kids while learning something at the same time.  We could not be happier and feel fortunate to have found Sima's Child Care!

San C.